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How Do You Create Your Future?

Some of the most interesting answers I heard were:

"The future is the future. It comes whatever we do. So, just let it happen." or "I am visualising things all day long, and nothing happens." or even better, "God decides the future. God creates our future. Whatever will happen is out of our control.".

Well, talk about feeling as a victim of whoever or whatever. Our Soul lives in a physical body, and just sitting there, legs crossed, a finger of each hand touching the thumb will not do. Our actions must match our want.

As our Attila explained:

Wanting to win at the lottery, a woman was on her knees at the side of her bed, praying "God, let me win at the Lottery." This went on for several days until God yelled back "Buy a ticket!"

As hypnotherapist, going from effect back to cause, our clients taught us that like it or not, we are the ones who create the results of our thoughts.

So, how does that happen? God, whoever or whatever we perceive God to be, responds to pictures created by our thoughts. To quote Ramtha in The Magical Brain: Doorway to a Master's Reality you all saw in HYP 202, "Your wants will come upon the conditions you put them on".

Think about it: Winning at the Lottery to be able to pay off the mortgage. Well, what is the condition? Winning at the Lottery. And what is the resulting focus? Mortgage.

I keep explaining this in HYP 101. Remember? Yes, I know, you learned this a loooong time ago. Maybe it is time for you to review HYP 101.

What you focus on is what you get. And what we usually focus on is the immediate gain, not looking at the big picture, the long term results of our focus. Manipulators at changing their environments to their liking are good at this, until the long term results appear.

An other way to blow our vision, the future we want, is to put others in our vision, our picture. How come? Because we all have our individual "what is in it for me". How would you respond to being in somebody else's picture in a situation contrary to your own vision?

So, how do you create a future that you want? Being alone in your picture, focussing on it, your actions congruent with your vision. Remember, your focus is like a lighthouse.

I receive many comments about the analogy of the lighthouses I am xplaining in HYP 101. Remember, your focus is like a light house, your light house.

All the testimonials about the lighthouses are hearth warming. I chose the following one because I can publish it in its entirety and keep the author' s privacy.

Anny -
I am so grateful I picked you for my first lighthouse. Your therapy has given me peace and healing. I cannot thank you enough for that. Also, thank you for the knowledge and growth you have given me. I want you to know I will honour and respect your teaching for you, myself and my clients. Many, many thanks Anny.
(signed and class year)

Wonder what prompted me at writing this?

Recently, I again observed one of you shooting yourself in the foot, derailing a wonderful, gratifying future at all levels by the way you envision it. Interesting enough, it is again by the condition that was put on it....

I do care about you all.

Respectfully submitted,


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