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Gil Boyne, Spirits and Me

Hello to all HTI Graduates!

I am sure you noticed a new type of hypnosis is advertised, namely Spiritual Hypnosis.

That reminds me of a time when Doreen Hanna, Dianne Meilli and I went to Los Angeles to attend a Past Life Therapy Conference in October 1992. Being in Los Angeles, I had made an appointment to visit Gil Boyne, our venerable mentor.

As we were meeting, Gil asked me to follow him to his office. Once there, he made me sit in a very nice armchair, and him sitting about one meter if front of me started to give me a good lecture, letting me know that I would have much more students if I would stop talking about spirits.

"Gil," I said, wanting to talk. Lifting his right hand to shut me up, he said "I am not finished."

Having finished giving me a lecture, Gil said "You can talk now."

I explained to him that he teaches the mind is deductive, going effect back to cause, and I am teaching my students everything so they can help their clients wherever their clients went, regardless their own beliefs, honoring their clients beliefs.

About six years later, answering the phone, the voice said "Anny. Gil Boyne here!"

I was so surprised, a good thing I was sitting at my desk!

And then Gil explained that hypnosis schools last only three to five years and close shop.

The Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta is one of the oldest schools.

And congratulating me, he said "You must be doing the right thing."

And so it is,


Anny Slegten M.H. C.C.H.T.

Director of the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta

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