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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

This is an article published at the end of HYP 602, Physiological Stress Release Course

Companion. I wrote this article with all of you in mind: Certified Hypnotherapists as well as Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.

"Congratulations! As you completed 319 hours of in-person class training and all your many hours reviewing and completing the homework I gave you – I really admire you.

You have now earned the designation of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I really wonder if you acknowledge who we are as human beings.

We are powerful people. We have the ability to manipulate our environment to our liking – many times not foreseeing the package deal we ended up with.

After our body released our Soul, we enter the planning stage and review the physical journey we just left. It is our Soul that writes the script of our next physical life.

We do this, wanting to shake off something that sits heavily on our conscience. With this information, we then decide the physical body our soul we will be wearing.

It is much like deciding on what coat we wear when we go out into the weather.

Earth is not a restful place. We all need the courage to be honest with ourselves and at peace with it. Our Soul wanted us to resolve and evaluate our physical life experience and accomplishments on this Earth.

I know this is work – spelled W.O.R.K.

The problem is: While in the planning stage, writing the script of our next physical experience – we do not ask for “the pleasure of” resolving whatever we want to resolve. Because of this, we many times end up living a nightmare.

Yes, we are the one’s who designed it that way. As uneasy as it is to admit it: There are no victims. We are all volunteers.

Having studied hypnosis in all its forms and applications – you now have on hand the tools to help those who ask for help. This allows their Soul to succeed at putting closure on what weighs heavily on their conscious.

In an emergency situation when the oxygen masks are coming down, a flight attendant explains perfectly: “Put the mask on you first, and then help someone who needs help.”

Therefore, in earnest – have the courage to work on yourself. Ask for help when needed.

Let us face it:

We have the freedom to choose to resolve whatever has to be resolved in present time. Or we keep our head in the sand – then having to come back (reincarnate) to accomplish what our Soul had decided to resolve and dissolve this time around.

It is our very own decision, our choice.

Each and everyone of us volunteered the life we are experiencing at present time.

With freedom comes responsibility.

Acknowledging our responsibility and doing something about whatever needs to be done, results at experiencing an incredible and sought

out peace of mind.

The challenge? Forgiving ourselves for having gotten off track.

You know I care. This is the reason I am reminding you of it all.

And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading me."

Anny Slegten,


Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta, Canada

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