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The 3 Stage to Physical Life

Clients can give us an interesting perspective on life, especially when they enter their later years.

Our physical life could be divided in three parts.

The first part is the time we grow up, usually certain that we know it all, and getting prepared for adult life, figuring out what is needed to live or maybe merely survive.

It can be compared to ploughing a field, getting it ready for sowing.

After ploughing the field comes the second part of life, the time to sow. We are very busy living, and we all go though it in our very individual way, so busy that we vaguely think of the future, unless maybe the financial aspect of it. Very few people realise they are in fact sowing something they will harvest later, Yes, it is interesting to observe the results of their way of going through life.

The third part of life is harvesting what we sowed.

I have a client going through this, the reason I have decided to write what I observed.

Making a lot of money, his happiness was only externally based, dependant on the money and a carefree lifestyle.

Now, by a turn of events, he suddenly lost all his physical good looks and strength and was dropped out of the work force. Having led a superficial life, he now became a nobody and feels desperate and empty, the reason he came to see me, wanting to know how to fill up the void inside.

He was looking at other things or people to fill the void and was wondering if hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions will give him that, even taking HYP 101, our two day course. I explained it will only do it if he looks inside of himself, and his answer was "How? I do not know how!"

That man never nurtured anything, anyone, not even himself. His search for instant gratification was only externally based, dependant on what a person or financial gain could give him, ever elusive, and going after more, only focusing on the status, reputation and perceived importance of what he was doing. I asked him if he knew the difference between having sex and making love, he looked down at his feet and said "... probably not, because it was just for fun".

As the conversation went, answering my questions, he admitted never even bothering to look at the beauty in a flower, observing a bee head down between the petals, filling itself up with nectar and flying away to the beehive. The only thing interesting to him was immediate physical gratification, totally immersed into the "me now".

Remember, The third part of life is harvesting what we sowed.

It always comes should we have the courage to live long enough to go through it.

There is a simple solution to it all:

Who are you?

Is your self value based on what you do or is your self value based on who you are deep inside? The answer usually becomes crystal clear when we reach the third part of our life, harvesting what we were busy sowing.

As hypnotherapists, we learned that one always harvests what was sowed.

It is by far better to have the courage to face it now while in the present physical part of our Soul's journey than once back into the Universal Field.

Respectfully yours,


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