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Do We Get What We See In Our Mind?

Is it important to consciously visualize what we want? As a Hypnotherapist, you know it is so!

A new research by the University of Plymouth and Queensland University recently published that overweight people who used a new motivational intervention called Functional Imagery Training (FIT) lost an average of five times more weight than those using talking therapy alone.

In my book, The Four Mental Agreements to Loosing Weight, in the chapter Defining the Boundaries, I explain they should remember to look at themselves objectively in the mirror and in their mind reshape their body.

As well and like it or not, to be on “automatic slim” they must address their mental block, that subconscious fixed idea regarding weight.

Looking in the mirror and reshaping their body, they then slim down in a very pleasant way, and once having reached their goal, just stop looking at themselves in the mirror, reshaping their body.

And then, surprise! Having dismissed their mental block, their stubborn subconscious fixed idea about weight, they are then getting the weight they lost back plus more, and decide that this does not work!

Thank you for reading me.



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