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HYP 101 and the Puzzle Analogy

As you know, a conversation with one of you is often the catalyst at sending you a note.

Remember the puzzles in HYP 101 used as an analogy? After having chosen a puzzle showing a picture we like, we usually first complete the easiest part: the frame.

We then proceed at putting parts of the puzzle together and place them inside the assembled frame.

In life, to consciously accomplish anything, everything we do must complete the puzzle, our vision.

Just sitting there, legged crossed, thumbs and middle finger touching, seeing what we want will accomplish nothing.

We are here on this planet to have a physical experience.

Yes, there must be congruency. Just like assembling the pieces of a puzzle to complete the picture, to consciously obtain anything, we must take action, keeping the end result in mind.

Our action must match our desire, our vision.

Yes, I repeat: Our action must match our desire, our vision, keeping the end result in mind.

In plain English, it is called “Walking your talk.”

Love you all,


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