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Best Profession in the World!

DID YOU KNOW that being a hypnotherapist is the best profession in the world?

When we work with a client, we are in a trance as well. So each time we give a suggestion to a client, we also give it to ourselves. Yes, we sure do, and a hypnotherapist was kind enough to share his following experience with me, not realising what he was doing at the time.

He was extensively advertising natural breast enlargement with hypnotherapy sessions and this with great success. This, by the way, is very easy to do, as well as using hypnotherapy sessions for penis enlargement.

The hypnotherapist suddenly stopped working with his clients who were coming for breast enlargement sessions when he noticed that he was starting to develop rather nice breasts himself.

Yes, without realising it, he was suggesting breast enlargement to himself as well as to his clients. Although I worked two times with clients wanting penis enlargement since 1984, I am sure you understand how come I do not advertise hypnotherapy for penis enlargement.

However, what is the message here?

As a hypnotherapist, we know when a person is in a trance without formal induction, and so are we.

What are our thoughts about another person when our emotion gets us in an altered state of awareness?

Remember, being in a trance oneself, those thoughts become self-addressed suggestions.

I am observing one of you in an emotional state focussing some highly destructive thoughts to others.

I care about you all, the reason I am writhing this.

To quote Ramtha, the Ram, "Focus is a holy place".

Hugs, as always,


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